Raised in California’s Inland Empire by his immigrant parents, HASEEB is an emcee and producer who currently resides and creates out of Los Angeles. As first generation American, HASEEB is a practicing Muslim. His experiences as a Muslim American millennial create the cultural backdrop for a unique narrative not often found in Hip Hop music.
With a distinct golden age meets contemporary sound, HASEEB’s music provides his listeners sounds of rhythmic nostalgia coupled with deep thought. His influences include Hip Hop legends such as The Roots, Mos Def, Binary Star, 9th Wonder, J Dilla, and those from a similar ilk.
HASEEB’s music career spans back to 2009, when the artist was performing under a different alias. In 2013, HASEEB chose to begin going by the name which was given to him at birth. Since then, HASEEB has released an EP produced by Curtiss King, as well as a few self-produced singles from his forthcoming album titled, “Growth”.

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